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The One2 Surf Bali team welcomes you to Bali - the island of the Gods!

If you want to surf Bali but are overwhelmed by the large choice in various Bali Surf Hotels, we will help you to find the perfect surf accommodation for you! All our accommodations are handpicked - by personal experience only.

One2 Surf Bali has selected the most unique, affordable, surf minded, original and personal Bali Surf Hotels for you to discover!




Map of Bali - Best places to surf bali

Find your perfect accommodation at the best Bali Surf Spots, Beaches & Places of interest 





Surf Bali and check out our Bali Dream Villas and Bungalows


After an epic day of Bali surf, enjoy your sunset-drink and relax in your homestay, beautiful bungalow or luxurious Bali dream villa. Whether you are on a budget trip or have a bit more to spend and are looking for one of Bali private villas, just have a look at what suits you best.


We are more than happy to help you create your perfect Bali Surf Trip!!

See you in the Surf!


Mina & One2 Surf Bali Team